Saturday, April 23, 2011

which class are u...

have u ever wonder which class are u???

High class?

middle class?

or low class?

or perhaps no class...heee

The idea on writing about this topic came out when i was taking a bus to my workplace and on the bus i saw a lot people with different style of dressing themselves ..where some were dressing like a corporate...but most of them were dressing casually ...

mmmm...if we use a bus as our a daily transport instead of driving our own car
does it mean that we re low class people.,...

or middle class...n will be never regard as high class ...

what actually determine which class we re

is it the way we dress ourselves?

is it the way we speak?(where Malaysian often thinks a person who can speak English very well is high class people)*** Wat a crap

Is it depend on which type of car we re driving..

Is it based on our social status which we re inherited from our ancestor

BUt if this theories came out to b true...then conflict definitely will occur.. each one of the the criteria above often contradict with another

let me illustrate it to u

imagine if a person who dress themselve like an elite..n then they re drivin a small local car ,and then capable to speak english very well..but come out from middle class social status

which class should he or she will fall into...

or is it in order to be regard as high class a person must come out with a whole package???

so he ve to speak English at all time dress appropriately at all expensive import car at at all time...n the must important thing he must come from high class social status(which our ancestor refer as ("orang ada-ada')instead of orang kebanyakan.


But often people judge a person at a they get blinded by What they see at the first look
...and then when they discover that the truth is not What they expected it to be..they feel like they re being fool n start back talking...hey you re fool by Ur immature brain ..n Ur skeptical thinking...don't blame me :P


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its all from the heart...

do what we wear really reflected who we are?

is it okay to jugde a person on what he or she is wearing?

if a person is dressing like a punk or a gothic..does that mean she or he is an evil person??

and if a person is wearing a hijab and dressing properly as a muslim..does that really make her religious person?

Those are the question that lately runnin throught out my mind..i was wndering whether the way i choose to dress myself are been influence by the perception of the public..and due to the fact that i was worried that people would give a bad judgement on the first look..

Hijab is compulsory for every muslim women to wear..not wearing it,will be regard as disobeying the rule of allah..i once read an article whereby the author of the article re labeling woman who are not wearing hijab as bad..why?bcoz according to him a woman who re not wearing hijab are not only making sin for herself but also to the men who saw her hair.

yes you got point ,but who are we to judge a person ,we re not god..only god can give can give judgement,the fact that a women is not wearing a hijab is between her and her creator..who are we to determine whether she will be goin to heaven or hell in her hereafter life.come on nobody perfect.

Instead of giving judgement,why dont u give them advice,as a god vicegerent,it is our responsibility to exercise the amal maaruf and nahi mungkar,we cannot judge on how many good deed that a person has done by just looking on what she or he is wearin..

This is the false misconception that most of the time made by the public that a person who went to mosque regularly,n attend religious activities are the kind of person ,who should be respected and to be make as an idol n a person who spend who spend most of the time pleasuring his time in the club should be avoided.

Its not like im saying that imam ,a person wearin hijab or serban is not a good people..but what i m tryin to tell here is that we should not straight away judge a people based on what they re is true that seeing is believin..but smetimes we should look behind the veil to know the true identity and personality of the person...

Good deed=is not just praying

Praying =is compulsory(whether how many time u commit sin ,or how big the sin that u ve make)

Responsibilty=GOD VICEGREANT on earth

Responsibilty=is not just performing prayer+attend religious activities.

As a nut shell,it is actually come from the heart,so we should never judge a person based on what he or she is wearin,and to not let the public influence us on the way we dress ourselve as long as it doesnt cnflict with the islamic teaching.

Friday, December 10, 2010


My frst time experience workin in audit firm goes very well..anyway what can when wrong,when ur doing nothing from am to pm..sitting on the chair ..looking on people doing their job can make u sick..n make the person ur starring at ..get sick lookin at u doing nothing ,when actually u re suppose to do something...

well,hey can't u see i m new here,dunt expect me to know everything..if u need me to do some work..why dont u ask nicely..instead of givin ur sarcastic word...XXXXXXX ok.

I scratch ur back ,n u will scratcH mine...well sometime when ur re doin
good deeds to someone u re hoping that they will do the same for not like expecting something in return,but is more like mutual will be like taking advantage of a person kindness if u keep asking for her help but not willing to help her in return..come on this is just a workin u really need to be that competitive..stop acting stingy+selfish okay...

Is not like u re goin to be promoted to be promoted as a manager or best best worker of the year..u re just a .....okay,

Life is like a charma..u load me with ur my workload now is transfering to u..hey dunt blame me for that.. just following order.XXXXXX u for that...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

expired date

If good ve it own expired date.

do love ve expired date too..

i wnder..

if love ve expired date,

can it be renew..
why can we be inform on that date at the first place,so that nobody will get hurt ..

perhaps takin love insurance could help..hee

If it is true love.then it should b eternal..

Then, if this feelin doesn't last

what should it b call..

Its actually hard to walk away ,to ve the guts to let down people feelin when u already gave them hope. what a cruel thing to do ..but sometimes i guess in life its better to b hurt than being protected by lie,why should we stay..when we know it will never work between us...

Its easy to leave u just need to ve the strength not to look back,but do u?? ..i know u do..
and i dont..

If u can walk in a person heart with manner,why don't u leave with manner too..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Reason To Love

I always though that there's must a special reason to fall in love and the fact that a person could fall in love in short time is a lie.Love is precious so how can it be precious if it take only short time to be in love.

But now i realise that love is not something that that we cant really plan just comes .Most women would always dream to fall in love with their Mr right..Where some are willing to wait for many years to find their Mr Right...

But not all dream come true
so in the end they found themselves to fall in love with the wrong guy .heee

As for me ,just like most of the women out there ,i ve my own criteria for my dream guy.I always wanted to have a boyfriend who is good lookin,funny and charming ,gorgeous,gentleman...

But i guess dream will always be dream ...

As sometimes thing happen not the way we want it to be,as we can't really plan to what a kind of person we choose to fall in love.But despite of that we can plan to whom we want to be devoted with, this is why it is still necessary to use our considerable judgment before things getting serious.As when Ur feeling towards him is no longer deniable..There is no way u could turn back .Because now u re hopeless devoted too him forever...

Hopeless devoted to hopeless sad....

Most women when they fall in love with the wrong guy,they will put all their effort to change the person that they love to be as what the wanted...Just to pleased themselves,as this is an attempt to make them feel better ,that they now ve fall to someone that is maybe different that what they expected them to be.

without thinking maybe they are also not the kind of women that the their man planned to fall in love..If a guy can accepted u the way u are why can u accepted him the way he is.

Love is a commitment ,when u love someone ,why don't u take an effort to love,don't just do nothing but continuously giving hope and then hope it will growth. come on don't make Ur loved one look like beggar..begging for Ur love at all time... Because its tiring..Its not BORED but it is TIRING
Don't just expect Ur love one to cherish every moment of Ur life if u don't do the same.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is full of doesn't mean

Doesn't mean i did n't say i love u doesn't mean i dont..

doesn't mean he say he love u ,doesn't mean he really love u

dOesn't mean i did n't say i care,doesn't mean i dont ...

doesn't mean he say he care,doesn't mean he really care...

doesn't mean i did n't say i ll be there for u..doesnt mean that i m not there for u ..

doesn't mean he say.he ll always be there for u ,he ll always be there...

doesn't mean i didnt say i miss u doesn't mean i dont...

doesn't mean he say he miss u doesn't mean he really do miss u..

Life is full of doesn't mean isnt it...

why can every thing are made certain...

why people make their feelin uncertain...

Maybe some thing are better to be left unspoken ..

or perhaps action speak louder than words

But sometimes action can be manipulated ...same goes with word,people perceived thing differently...

and sometimes people don't express their feelin because they are not certain bout their own feelin.Some word are nice to hear ...but will be heart breakin when truth prevail..perhaps they dont express it in word because
they care about other feelin more than their own feelin...

ITs all come from the heart...Which are apparently cannot be seen...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

being nice or superficial nice

wow...u look great today..

thats scarf u wearin.. look nice on you..

u re smart im sure u can do it...

u re so cute...

that dress fit u well...

have u ever being praise n havin a weird feelin that the person who are throwing those compliment to u are not actually being honest,or perhaps are just tryin to be nice ..

There nothing wrong for being nice,but there something wrong if u keep receiving only the good compliment over n over again from the same person.

hmm..i smell something fishy here...

i would love to be praise ,but some cmpliment given are not convincing enough for me to believe..that's why i seldom say thanks when receiving good compliment..its not like i dunt really appreciate it friend..but some words sound to superficial .

why don't people just give their truly honest opinion...

yes some fact are hurt,but at least u re havin good intention when passin does nasty word..heee

how it is to differentiate between a person who re been nice n superficial nice....

it is easy u can see it by looking deeply into their many time does he or she blink in a minute..hee

can u...
no u can...

as most of them are professional..they wont let u look into their eyes or perhaps they would wear sunglasses to hide their eyes.hee

actually i dunt really know how to differentiate them..hee

so i just let all of u to use ur own discretion in judging whether a person is being nice or superficial nice