Saturday, April 23, 2011

which class are u...

have u ever wonder which class are u???

High class?

middle class?

or low class?

or perhaps no class...heee

The idea on writing about this topic came out when i was taking a bus to my workplace and on the bus i saw a lot people with different style of dressing themselves ..where some were dressing like a corporate...but most of them were dressing casually ...

mmmm...if we use a bus as our a daily transport instead of driving our own car
does it mean that we re low class people.,...

or middle class...n will be never regard as high class ...

what actually determine which class we re

is it the way we dress ourselves?

is it the way we speak?(where Malaysian often thinks a person who can speak English very well is high class people)*** Wat a crap

Is it depend on which type of car we re driving..

Is it based on our social status which we re inherited from our ancestor

BUt if this theories came out to b true...then conflict definitely will occur.. each one of the the criteria above often contradict with another

let me illustrate it to u

imagine if a person who dress themselve like an elite..n then they re drivin a small local car ,and then capable to speak english very well..but come out from middle class social status

which class should he or she will fall into...

or is it in order to be regard as high class a person must come out with a whole package???

so he ve to speak English at all time dress appropriately at all expensive import car at at all time...n the must important thing he must come from high class social status(which our ancestor refer as ("orang ada-ada')instead of orang kebanyakan.


But often people judge a person at a they get blinded by What they see at the first look
...and then when they discover that the truth is not What they expected it to be..they feel like they re being fool n start back talking...hey you re fool by Ur immature brain ..n Ur skeptical thinking...don't blame me :P



  1. ..i like ur statement..
    ..for me...high or middle or low class are the same class and same person..hahaha...

  2. speak english or malay doesn't matter...
    wearing high class cloth or driving 'big' cars also not a big matter...
    behaviour & iman is what class means to me...

  3. ala.. sumtyme people try nk adopt n put themselves at higher level.. pakai tu la, beli ne la.. main reason sebab nk build self confidence.. but people, pls do rmember, jgn smpai timbul riak suda la.. nauzubillah..

  4. heheee because of this post, I like to write in English at my blog too, I think from writing we can improve our speaking right..thank Rihan because give some spirit to the readers...

  5. nira:ye kta semua sma je dri pncpta yg sma..
    waniey:yes waniey those who have strong "iman" re the high class people as they re able to fight against their lust to not commit sin.
    jnna:as for me la kn klu pkai cntik2 tu mmg ble build in cnfdence ,but its not sbb nk dpt attention orng..but its more bout to built in self cnfidence..coz i believe when u ll look good u will feel good..
    sweet pea:ur most welcome..yes i do find that writing in english can improve our english skill,tht is the main reason behind the idea of creating this blog^^